Danny Burton - All These Things I Do

Single press release


Sacrifice, isolation, social distance, build back better.  Whichever terminology you choose to use and whatever the future has in store for us, after recent times all we can truly hope for is that the future is a brighter place!   


For Danny Burton, reinvention and regeneration is far from unfamiliar territory yet here again he finds himself riding the crest of a new wave.  


After a long battle with Alcoholism, 2021 finds Danny over a year in recovery. Sobriety and all the new found energy of that incredible feat of mind and soul should be celebrated and with new single "All these things I do" Danny offers his soundtrack for embracing just that.  

With a Sun drenched disco beat to transport you back to those hazy 70s Summer evenings, even if we weren't there the first time, we can enjoy the groove and hold our hands up to the sky again to celebrate what should be a Summer to remember following the hardships of the recent past.


If Danny’s last album release Night & Day represents a closure on the past then  "All These Things I Do" represents a definite fresh nod to the future. 


“All These Thing’s I Do’ epitomises the sound of the Summer, with a definitive feel good vibe pulsing through it’s veins. A song that without doubt leaves you wanting to hear it again and again.....