“Merry Christmas One And All”

iTunes Pre-Release 25th November / Official Release 18th December 

Available on all major platforms 

Ahead of the imminent release of his second Album ‘Song’s Of Self Loathing Lament And Fear’ Danny Burton finishes off what has proved to be an unprecedented strange and trying year for the whole world, with a his take on the ‘Christmas single’  

Penning “Merry Christmas One And All” sitting in bed on Christmas morning 2019, no one could have guessed at that time, what was lurking around the corner in 2020.


The track shines the spotlight on the current, poignant and topical social issues such as Addition, Loneliness, Homelessness and child poverty, that are all too prevalent in our society, and make us all feel we could do more, especially at this time of year. The song marries the harsh but true with an optimism and eternally hope that somehow, love and our will save the day.

With such relevant subject matter, it’s only just that, all proceeds of the singles sales and revenue will be donated to two charities ‘FareShare’ dealing with fighting hunger and tackling food waste And ‘Breast Cancer Gentics’ A hereditary breast cancer helpine that helps sufferers deal with Cancer and the utter devastation it causes. 


Danny’s distinctive voice and classic melodies are still firmly in the spotlight, and ‘Merry Christmas One And All’ will have you believe that you might just have heard it before, yet you haven’t…until now



Available on all digital platforms

iTunes Pre-Release 19th September 

Out on 9th October

It’s out of the traps with all guns blazing for Danny Burton with the imminent release of the controversial title track from his eagerly anticipated second album - “Entitled Generation” - with topical observations on the state of the World delivered with a visceral incisiveness that smacks you around the face and forces you to listen.

Straight from the off, the track’s stark imagery takes no prisoners, and evokes a desolate World where a bemasked family stare blankly into their devices, with the opening line of “We’ve never been so connected/We’ve never been so alone” - delivered with a derisory rasp from Burton - setting the scene for the rest of the song.

With technological references aplenty throughout - “we don’t need your approval - we’ve got 1000 likes/we’re wearing out our fingers swiping left and right” is bang up-to-date too - with the recent returns to school after 6 months of lockdown being accompanied with reports of struggling students, and inabilities to concentrate due to the endless distractions, and indeed - wearing out of finger ends!! 

Burton isn’t finished yet though - with a pomp and swagger to rival the greats, and alluding to the current scourge of “Woke Culture”, he spits out the line “We don’t care if you hate us, although we’ll soon take offence” - this song serves as a grave warning to anyway who thinks they can get in his way.


This first single release, see’s Danny Team up with writing partner Aaron Brown for a wonderful collaboration, matching Brown’s scathing lyrical world view with Burton’s ear for an anthem.

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