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Following his long awaited come back in 2019 with the release of the sublime album, “Electric Universe”, Danny Burton enters this new decade with a brand new single, “Love Beauty & Grace”, is available on all digital platforms.


The track marks a change in pace for Burton as he showcases his talent for writing and melody further. A wistful tale of love and optimism with his distinctive voice and classic melodies still firmly in the spotlight. “Love, Beauty & Grace” will have you believe that you might just have heard it before, yet you haven’t…until now!  


With all the makings of a daytime radio classic, this new release looks to build on Danny’s rise back to the forefront of British music and holds perfectly the optimism that a new era deserves ! 


Camden Town born and bred. Danny Burton grew up amidst the madness of inner city London.

The sound of Danny Burton has been a life-time in the making.

From an early age there was always a passion for the beautifully weird and wonderful sounds emanating from the radio. But life really opened-up in glorious musical Technicolor when he discovered the wonders of Rock and Indie music, as he became exposed to the music culture and magazines of the time. The young teenager was hooked by the sounds of dominating bands of the time such as The Stone Roses, Oasis, Blur, The Happy Mondays and all the other great bands riding the wave of the second coming of British music in the 90’s. 

Danny was undoubtedly sure that being in a band and writing music was his calling. After a few years of learning his craft and playing in various ever changing line ups, he started his own band ‘Face’ which boasted a line up of Danny Burton, Zak Starkey (The Who), Gary Nuttall (Robbie Williams) and Ronnie Thomas (Chesney Hawkes) Championed heavily by the likes of Steve Lamacq on Radio 1, Face were on the precipice of global eruption when fate dealt a devastating blow. Which led to Danny surviving a near-fatal knife attack in London, which set-back his musical career and prompted a geographical move to Sheffield.

Now, Danny Burton rises like a phoenix from the tormented ashes of his attack, to unveil his monumental debut album, ‘Electric Universe’,


Bold, determined and rasping with a gritty rock resolve. Fresh, and bursting with ‘bite

‘Electric Universe’ blends the best of classic rock and Brit-pop, with a distinctive tip-of-the-hat to glam rock, as the vibe of the joyous 1970s weaves its way through the fabric of the album

Fusing past and present into one exhilarating vibrant new sound.


2019 not only saw the release of The Album ‘Electric Universe’ and three single and videos form the Album. ‘Who You Gonna Love’ ‘Time Alone’ and ‘Dangerous’ Danny toured extensively throughout the UK with his fantastic and talented new band. January 2020 see’s the first release of the year ‘Love Beauty And Grace’ with a new Album set for the summer along with plenty of live shows through out the year.

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