The eagerly awaited new Album by Danny Burton 

A rich tapestry of complex emotions and generation-spanning sounds and influences, ‘Electric Universe’ is the album that needed a life-time of ‘life’ before its birth. 

Honest, gritty and truly relatable, the album delivers a perfectly crafted collection of original pennings by Danny Burton. 

Each track designed to  jig-saw seamlessley together to form an album masterpiece, but which simultaneously stand-alone as spectacular singles.

The album harks back to those bygone eras of Brit Pop and classic rock – where the cool confidence of the mega bands created anthemic songs that instantly connect with people. All of those early influences are in there from Kravitz, Weller, ELO, The Beatles and Crosby Steels and Nash, right through to the hedonistic vibe of Oasis and Blur. 

From the classic guitar based ‘Who You Gonna Love’ and ‘Magic Eyes’, the Bowie-esque ‘Dream Away’ and ‘Schitz’, the glam-rock vibe of ‘Time Alone’ right through to the Brit Pop sound of ‘Human Too’ and ‘Mundane Monday’ – this album provides a delicious serving of fresh, vibrant new songs that you ‘think’ you’ve heard before and you want to keep playing on repeat. 

Traversing decades and generations of rock/pop, to create a collection of songs for ‘now’ – that’s the magic of ‘Electric Universe’.


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